the fabric of
  our community
For generations, Northside has stitched community and opportunity together. It is a living history — a patchwork of a place built for and by black people of Memphis.
the fabric of
  our community
We believe it.
We support it.
We celebrate it.
We elevate it.

Today, it continues that spirit as a community hub providing opportunities for every individual to prosper. Northside Square is where the threads of what was and what is becomes the fabric of what’s next …

a new


Northside Square will serve as a community hub complete with services and amenities, including comprehensive health care, workforce development, literacy advocacy, technical skills training, athletic, fitness, and performing and visual arts opportunities. The proposed spaces include shared community amenities such as an upgraded gymnasium and performing arts space as well as a welcoming plaza, renovated courtyard, office space, retail space, and affordable housing units. Coming in 2024.

Our Project Timeline

Core and Shell Construction

Tenant Infill Construction

Building Opens

Construction Begins

Explore the Levels

  • Technical Trade Training Organization

  • Northside High School Hall of Fame

  • Food Hall

  • Health Clinic

  • Amenities Include: Interior Courtyard, Gymnasium and Performing Arts Center

  • Non-profit Office Tenants

  • Shared Arts Space

  • 42 affordable housing units

  • Amenities Include: Fitness Room


As the oldest African-American neighborhood in North Memphis, Klondike has a long and proud history dating to its founding in 1899. The Klondike Smokey City Community Development Corporation and its partners, The Works, Inc. and Neighborhood Preservation, Inc. worked together on an historic transfer of properties from the Shelby County Land Bank. The transfer, in January of 2020, was the first step in what many hope is a path to stabilization for North Memphis.



Growing up walking distance from Northside, the school gave me, my friends, and family opportunities. I’m excited to see it doing this for the next generation as Northside Square.
- Norris Gray, Northside Alum, Class of ‘81

Are you a member of the Klondike community, a Northside High School Alumni or former resident? Share your Northside story, and let us know what this project means to you.

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